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RGS-8805GC – Technical Resources

Documents and Downloads

Spec Sheet

RGS-8805 Introduction Sheet

Product Manual (BIOS and Hardware)


Windows 10 Drivers

Opening the Chassis

Remove 8 Black screws from Chassis to free the Cover. The cover will lift off and you will have access tot he inside of the unit’s chassis.

With the lid removed you should see the below layout

GPU Installation

To install or remove a card from the Full length PCIe bay you will need to remove these 4 screws to free the air flow channel

Once the airflow channel is removed you can either install/uninstall a PCIe card

Component Locations

To access these slots on the board you will need to remove any PCIe card currently installed in the Full Length bay as well as these 4 screws.

Once this plate is removed you should see the internal slots in the layout below.

M.2 Storage



Enabling Auto Power

In order to set auto-power on this unit you will need to turn the dial seen below to the corresponding position(Position 1).


Resetting the CMOS

  1. Disconnect the unit from all power and other peripherals
  2. Hold the RESET button for 30 seconds
  3. Release the button and reapply power to the unit
Updated on June 5, 2024

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