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UROS Connect Setup and Troubleshooting – Linux

For Windows instructions, Click Here.


• UROS Connect is a service based on a SDK that runs on the IoT
devices OS and interfaces with the device modem with UROS
eSIM (eUICC) card onboard
• UROS Connect Client manages the modem interfaces, settings, eSIM
profile downloads, switching, data reporting, provisioning and all
other complex connectivity operations
• UROS Connect service is managed via an optimized dashboard

Getting Started

  • Once you have set up your account click the “New Product” button in the top right.
  • Give your product a name.
  • Save the credentials to a file. You will need them later.

Setting up the hardware

  • Unpack the OnLogic system and connect both cellular antennas.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable with an internet connection.
  • Connect everything else and boot up into the operating system.
  • Click on the application launcher in the bottom left and launch the terminal.
  • Run the following terminal commands. Hint: open this page on the target system so you can copy/paste. Right click in the middle of the terminal to paste.
sudo apt update
cd Downloads
wget https://packages.uros.com/common/apt/urosconnect-installer_current_all.deb --no-check-certificate
sudo apt install ./urosconnect-installer_current_all.deb
sudo reboot

After the reboot, open the application launcher and launch the UROS Connect software.

  • Enter your account password
  • Use the enter key to select yes
  • Press tab until the Browse option is selected and press enter
  • Browse for the credentials file you saved from the website earlier.
  • Use tab or arrow keys to move between the windows. Within the directory or filename windows, use the up/down arrow keys to scroll the current selection. Use the space-bar to copy the current selection into the text-entry window.

  • Alternatively, you can enter the Key and Secret by hand.
  • The serialnumber and modem fields should be filled automatically. Complete the other fields as desired.
  • Press Enter
  • Success!
  • Open the terminal again and use the uconnect command to initiate the connection. Use the ustatus command to check the status of the modem.
  • Tip: type “watch ustatus” and you will get a status output that automatically updates.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable now and the cellular service should be active. It may take several minutes to connect. You can monitor the connection status in the system tray.
  • If you do not get a connection after 5 minutes, proceed to the troubleshooting section below.


Opening the AT Command Terminal

  • Install PUTTY

Note: If installing from a live CD, you will need to enable the multiverse/universe repositories

  • Run PuTTY as root
  • Set the options shown
  1. Select the serial option
  2. Change the COM device to ttyUSB2
  3. Click on default settings
  4. Click Save
  5. Click open

This configures PuTTY to automatically choose the correct options next time it is run.

  • Begin by typing ATE1 and pressing enter. The terminal should respond with OK. This indicates the modem is ready for commands.
  • The first item to check is the firmware setting. It should be set to GENERIC for UROS.
  • In the example above, the generic firmware is loaded. If carrier specific firmware is listed there, generic needs to be loaded instead
  • Run the following commands and then reboot the system:


Connection shows “Turned Off”

  • Open Putty and run the following 2 commands. This should force the modem into an online state.

SIM Troubleshooting

  • If this error message is encountered during setup, try changing the active SIM slot with the following steps:

  • Reboot the PC, and the other SIM slot will now be active.

Connection was working but stopped

  • Re-running the UROS Connect Installer can re-activate the connection.
  • Choose the Reinstall option
Updated on February 23, 2022

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