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DX-1000-MTA Technical Resources

Ethernet connection issues

If a system exhibits issues connecting or detecting Ethernet connection issues, follow these steps to reset the connections.

  1. Open the Network Settings under Wired Connections
  1. Select the gear next to the first Ethernet connection. If no gears are present, skip to step 4.
  1. Click “Remove Connection Profile”
  1. Click the “+” icon next to one of the Ethernet connections.
  1. You should see a window like this. If you have special network settings, you can configure them here. If not, or you’re not sure, simply click “Add”.
  2. If any of the Ethernet connections still have the “+” button, continue adding new connections until none are left.
  3. That completes the resetting of the Ethernet connections. You may also need to restart your system at this point. For the changes to take effect.