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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find a few frequently asked questions that are relevant for the vast majority of our products. For system specific questions, type your model number into the search box in the top right of this page to find the appropriate technical resources. If you can not find the information you need, please contact our support team.

New to OnLogic systems? Our getting started video below may help.

System Setup Questions

Where can I find my Windows license key?

Your Windows license key was removed from the envelope and is located on the underside of your system. The key is covered by a small patch of silver security foil, similar to a lottery ticket. Very gently scratch off the foil to reveal the key.

My secondary storage drive is missing!

OnLogic currently does not initialize storage drives unless an operating system was installed on them. This means that additional storage drives will not show up out of the box. They need to be initialized and formatted in disk management first. Instructions: Click Here

How are the COM ports numbered?

The COM ports on your system are numbered from left to right, starting with the back plate of your system, and then left to right on the front plate.

Where can I find drivers for my system?

The drivers can be found on our technical resource pages. Type your system model into the search box above to find the appropriate page.

How do I enable auto power on?

This varies by unit and will be either a BIOS setting or a jumper inside. Instructions for enabling it can be found on our technical resource pages. Type your system model into the search box above to find the appropriate page.

Why am I not getting video from my display port?

Video adapters are the common cause of this issue. Try an active adapter to convert the video signal. These use a chip to boot the conversion performance, which help to eliminate video issues. A video adapter without the additional chip circuitry is a passive adapter, which only work for some conversions. Generally, DisplayPort adapters will need an active adapter to convert to VGA, DVI, or HDMI connections. Active adapters can be readily found online.

Sales and Company Questions

If I purchase a product to be shipped internationally, do your shipping costs include any import taxes or fees?

International orders may be subject to customs, duties and/or brokerage fees dependent on the destination country. These fees are not included in the OnLogic shipping cost at time of checkout.

What, if any, systems do you have that are IP65 rated?

Our Cincoze Panel PC line provides IP65 protection on the front bezel. You can find our full selection of Panel PC’s here.

I would like to order online, but my organization is tax exempt. How do I go about this?

Tax Exemption forms can be submitted to our Customer Service team at info@onlogic.com. Please include your company name, order number, and email address for your OnLogic website account.

I need 3D/CAD files of a system. How can I get those?

CAD File requests can be submitted to our Customer Service team at info@onlogic.com. Please include: Your company name, the application the computer is being used for, and a description of how you intend to use the CAD files.

I just received the system(s) I ordered, and I have technical or setup questions. Where can I receive help or submit a ticket to solve a problem?

Our US and EU-based technical support team can be easily reached to help solve technical challenges you may be encountering with our hardware. Use the “Contact Support” button in the top right of this page to get in touch with a member of the support team.

Where do I find the serial number of my system?

The serial number for your system is located on the label affixed to the unit. If you have trouble finding this label, please contact a member of our Customer Service team directly.

I’m not sure what system I need, where can I start?

Our products can be searched by Hardware Line, Application, and Feature from our Industrial and Embedded Computers page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also use our Embedded Computer Finder, or reach out to a member of our Sales team directly.

If I order today, when will my order ship?

Our standard assembly time is 3-5 business days from parts availability.

I need my order faster than your standard assembly time. How do I get my system(s) built more quickly?

We offer an expedited build option to upgrade the assembly speed to 1-2 business days from parts availability. This option can be selected from the Assembly & Validation drop-down when configuring your product.

Are you a reseller? A distributor? Where will my systems be built?

OnLogic assembles and tests every computer that leaves our South Burlington, VT and Oosterhout, NL facilities.

Updated on April 25, 2023

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