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TM610 (MC610-50) DC jack installation

  • Begin by removing the top 2 screws from the back of the unit.
  • Slide the lid off towards the back
  • Use a screwdriver to push out the two knockouts shown
  • Grab the knockouts with pliers and twist to remove
  • final result shown
  • Connect the 4 pin plug to the motherboard. It only fits 1 way. Push down gently until it clicks in.
  • Remove the nut and washer from the DC jack.
  • Push the DC jack through the larger of the 2 holes.
  • Install the washer and then the nut onto the DC jack from the outside of the case.
  • Hand tighten.
  • Slide the lid back on and reinstall the two screws
  • Grab the retaining zip tie kit
  • Push the zip tie into the hole
  • Face the ribbed side upward
  • Attach the clip to the power supply’s cable
  • Thread the zip tie through the clip’s hole and snug into place.
  • Use only the newly installed DC barrel jack to power the unit.
  • NEVER connect both power connectors at once.
Updated on September 2, 2022

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