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DateSystems AffectedPCN SubjectPCN Details
6/17/2021Nuvo-6002, POC-120, POC-210, POC-515, Nuvo-5002E-P, Nuvo-5501, Nuvo-6108GC, Nuvo-7002LPProduct Discontinuation NoticeDetails
6/4/2021Series: Nuvo-7000, Nuvo-8000, POC-300, POC-500, Nuvo-5000, Nuvo-6000, POC-100, POC-2003.5mm audio jackDetails
5/19/2021ML350G-10, TM250, IGL100, GRL6003.5mm audio jackDetails
4/12/2021HX500, HX600, HX610, IGN700, K700-SE, K700-X2, GRL400, IGN400, IGL2003.5mm audio jackDetails
4/12/2021CL210G-10, CL210G-11, K300, IGL300, IGN200, GRL300, TM110, IGN600, IGL2003.5mm audio jackDetails
4/9/2021CL200G-10, CL210G-10, CL200G-11, CL210G-11, IGN600, IGL200, TM110eMMC alternate optionsDetails
Updated on June 18, 2021

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