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Cincoze BIOS Update Procedure

Applies to: DI-Series, DS-Series, DX-Series, P2000-Series

  • Copy the BIOS files to a FAT32 formatted flash drive
  • Insert the flash drive into the Cincoze unit
  • Power on the unit, and press the Del key a few times until the blue BIOS menu appears

BIOS Navigation: Use the arrow keys to move around, press enter to select/open, press Esc to go back.

  • Under the Advanced tab, open the CSM Configuration menu
  • Change the Boot option filter to UEFI only
  • Go back to the main menu
  • Save Changes and Exit
  • Press Del again to get back into the BIOS
  • Your flash drive should now be listed under the boot tab. Make sure Boot Option #1 is set to the flash drive.

Note: The next 3 steps are only relevant for larger Cincoze units. Smaller units such as the DA-1000 and DC-1100 may not have the PCH-FW Configuration menu. If the menu is missing, skip ahead to the Save & Exit step.

  • Now head back over to the Advanced tab and open the PCH-FW Configuration menu
  • Select the only option
  • Enable Me FW Image Re-Flash
  • Save Changes and Exit
  • The unit will now reboot and boot to the flash drive. If it reboots more than once, you will need to go back and enable Me FW Image Re-flash again. It only remains active for 1 reboot. This is a security feature.
  • Press enter at the prompt to begin the flashing process
  • Do not unplug the unit during the process
  • If this error message is displayed, the firmware re-flash setting was not enabled correctly. Allow the process to complete. Go back to that step and try again.
  • The BIOS has now been updated. Press control-alt-del to restart. The unit may restart several times to configure the new BIOS.
Updated on May 19, 2023

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