Using the K400 PSE on Windows 10

Installing the PSE Driver on Windows 10

To make the PSE on the K400 system work, we will need to install the PSE driver on the system. The PSE driver is included in the K400 driver package, you can download the package from the K400 Technical Resources page here:

If the PSE driver is not installed, you will find a “Base SystemDevice” with exclamation mark in Device Manager

Click the “Update Driver” button in Driver tab,

Then follow the instructions on screen to install the driver.

Select “Browse my computer for drivers”

Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the extracted drivers folder

Select the top level folder

After clicking on the “OK” button, the driver will be installed.

Then the PSE driver is installed now.

Installing the build tool

We will need to install the VS2022 build tools to compile the PSE sample code. You can install the build tool from

After downloading the installer, install the “Desktop development with C++” option. Then you can build the PSE sample project using cmake from the Visual Studio developer command prompt.


We are ready to compile the PSE sample code. The PSE sample code is available on the OnLogic Support Site. Please download it and unzip to the local driver, then run “x86 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2022” as Administrator from the start menu. 

In the command prompt, navigate to the PSE source code folder and run the following command to build,

mkdir build && cd build

cmake -A Win32 ..

cmake --build .

After build finished, you can find the executable file in <work directory>\build\src\Debug\

The PSE sample code provides examples to use the DIO, CAN, and Automotive features on the system.

Using the PSE

Sample C Code

This PSE sample code demonstrates how to manipulate the DIO interface from C language in Windows 10 environment. You can download the sample C code from here:


To integrate the PSE function in your own application, you will need to add pse.c (located under /pse_examples/src/win) in your project. Then include pse.h in your source code.

pse.c provides APIs to connect and help to communicate to the PSE engine. The basic work flow is very simple as following diagram, 

Updated on October 11, 2023

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