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How to restore a Clonezilla image


  • A 4GB or larger flash drive (USB 3.0 model recommended for speed)
  • A PC running Windows 10


Creating the flash drive

  • Download the ISO file and Rufus tool, linked above
  • Insert your flash drive and run Rufus
  • Click Select and choose the ISO file you just downloaded.
  • Click START
  • Click OK. This will erase your flash drive and turn it into an Ubuntu installer.
  • Wait for Rufus to complete.
  • Create a new folder on the flash drive to contain your images. It must not contain any spaces. In this example, we name it TERA-MK100-40-R1
  • Copy the folder containing your image into the images folder
  • Final Result:

  • Safely eject the flash drive and unplug it from the PC.

Using Clonezilla

  • Connect your newly created flash drive to the OnLogic PC and power it on.
  • If no operating system is installed, the system will likely boot right into Clonezilla.
  • If it does not, Press F2 or Delete to access the BIOS. Under the Boot tab, make it the first boot device.
  • Exact boot instructions vary by model. If you need assistance, contact support@onlogic.com.
  • Select the 2nd option at the Clonezilla boot menu (ending with “& To RAM”)
  • Some unimportant text will fly by as Clonezilla boots up

  • Press enter to select Language.
  • English is recommended to match this guide
  • Press enter to select keyboard layout.
  • Press enter to start Clonezilla
  • Choose the device-image option (default)
  • Choose the local_dev option (default)
  • A list of the disk drives will be printed. This can be helpful for reference but can usually be ignored. Press control-C to close it.
  • Select your USB flash drive as the source defice
  • no-fsck is fine
  • Select your images folder and press enter
  • Do not go any further into the folders.
  • Press tab twice and enter to select Done
  • Beginner mode is best for our purposes
  • Choose the restoredisk option
  • You will be prompted to select an image from your images folder.
  • Now you will be prompted to choose which disk the image is applied to. In this example, the Transcend drive is our boot drive so we select it.
  • Yes, check the image before restoring
  • Press enter twice to continue.
  • The image restore process will now begin!
  • Additional Yes/No prompts may appear as Clonezilla processes your image. Type Y and press enter on each one.
  • Success! The image has been applied. Press enter to continue as the prompt on the screen says.
  • Select the reboot option and immediately unplug your flash drive.
  • The system will restart and should boot right up into your restored image.

Updated on May 7, 2021

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