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MK100B-54 Power Supply Upgrade

This page has instructions for upgrading the 300 watt power supply in an MK150B-54 series computer to a 500 watt power supply.

  • Begin by removing the two lid screws – one on each short side of the case.
  • Remove 4x screws from the power supply. Discard the larger 2 screws from the left holes.
  • Pull the lid back 2″ and lift it up
  • Remove 2 screws from the crossmember. Cut all zip ties along the crossmember.
  • Lift the crossmember out

  • Remove 2 screws from the back of the power supply
  • Unplug the Molex connector for the drives
  • Squeeze the locking tabs and pull the power cables out.
  • Lift the power supply out of the case.
  • Watch out for any zip ties that may still be holding it. Cut them if needed.
  • Remove and save the 24pin to 4pin adapter
  • Leave the system sitting on a flat surface for this next step.
  • Remove the 5mm standoffs from where the power supply was screwed in.
  • Keeping the system sitting flat on a surface, drop in the new power supply.
  • Re-install the standoffs in the back. They will hold the power supply in place.
  • Install the 2 coarse thread screws into the back of the power supply.
  • Use the smaller 2 of the 4 you removed earlier.
  • Watch the 2 clips below for final cabling and assembly.

Updated on October 15, 2021

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