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Nuvo-5000 Technical Resources

The Nuvo-5000 can be opened by the user. This does not void the warranty, however, any damage caused by doing so will not be covered.

The following steps will walk you through opening your Nuvo-5000 case, as well as auto-powering on and clearing CMOS.

How to Enable Auto Power On

  1. Power on the unit and immediately press the F2 key a few times to access the BIOS.
  2. Navigate to the Power tab.
  3. Change the “Power On after Power Failure” option to “S0-Power On”
  4. Navigate to the Exit tab.
  5. Save Changes and Exit.
  6. The unit will not automatically power on when power is connected.

Opening the Nuvo-5000 Case and CMOS Clear

Disassembling the Nuvo-5000

Required tools: 5mm Hex Driver, P2 Phillips Driver

  1. Unplug the system completely from power and all peripherals.
  2. Unscrew four M3 flat-head screws and detach Cassette by pulling it up. NOTE: LP models do not have cassette. You may skip to step 3.
  1. Unscrew all hex bolts on the front and back panel.
  2. Remove both panels.

NOTE: Use caution is WiFi is installed as they are still attached by antenna wires.

  1. Lift the bottom cover up a couple inches and gently unplug the SATA cables.
  2. Set the bottom cover aside.
  3. You now have complete access to the internals of the unit.

Clearing the CMOS

  1. Make sure the system is unplugged completely from power and all peripherals.
  2. Locate the CMOS battery.
  3. Using your fingernail, push the golden retaining clip away from the battery to pop it loose.
  4. Leave the battery out for ~5 minutes. The CMOS is now clear.
  5. Reinsert the battery and re-assemble the unit.

Adjusting Automotive Timings on Nuvo-5000

Units equipped with the MezIO ignition timings card can be remotely turned on and off using the IGN pin on the power connector.

The timings are adjusted by a rotary switch inside the unit. To access the switch, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the 6x Hex bolts from this side of the unit only:
  1. Remove the white plate to reveal the timings dial:
  1. Using a small flathead screwdriver, carefully rotate the dial to the desired timings setting (see list below).

The following are timing settings that can be set on the Nuvo-5000

Ignition Timing Options

Mode 0

Mode 0 is the ATX mode without power-on and power-off delay. User can only use the power button on the front panel to turn on or turn off the Nuvo-5000 series system.

ModePower-on DelayPower-off DelayHard-off Timeout

Mode 1

If Mode 1 is specified, the system automatically turns on the system when DC power is applied. A retry mechanism is designed to repeat the power-on cycle if the system is failed to boot up.

ModePower-on DelayPower-off DelayHard-off Timeout

Mode 2

Mode 2 is a special mode designed to support remote on/off control. User can use an external latched switch to connect the DC source (8~35V) and IGN input. When the switch is closed, IGN signal is asserted to initiate a power on operation. When the switch is opened, IGN signal is de-asserted and system shutdown operation is initiated. Neither power-on delay nor power-off delay is supported in this mode.

ModePower-on DelayPower-off DelayHard-off Timeout

Mode 3 ~ Mode 12

Mode 3 ~ Mode 12 are ignition power control modes with various power-on delay and power-off delay. Each mode supports a hard-off timeout of 10 minutes.

ModePower-on DelayPower-off DelayHard-off Timeout
310 seconds10 seconds10 minutes
410 seconds1 minute10 minutes
510 seconds5 minutes10 minutes
630 seconds1 minute10 minutes
730 seconds5 minutes10 minutes
830 seconds10 minutes10 minutes
93 minutes1 minute10 minutes
A3 minutes10 minutes10 minutes
B3 minutes30 minutes10 minutes
C10 minutes30 minutes10 minutes

Mode 13/Mode 14

Mode 13 and Mode 14 are ignition power control modes with very long power-off delay. Both modes support the feature of “smart off-delay”, which automatically detect system status during power-off delay duration and cut off system power if system is off in prior to power-off delay expired.

ModePower-on DelayPower-off DelayHard-off Timeout
D30 seconds2 hours10 minutes
E3 minutes2 hours10 minutes

Ignition Wiring for the Nuvo-5000

To have ignition power control for in-vehicle usage, you need to supply IGN signal to Nuvo5000 series with MezIO-V20. The IGN input is located on the back panel via a 3-pin pluggable terminal block (shared with DC power input). Here is a general wiring configuration for in-vehicle deployment.

  1. Connect car Battery+ line (12V for car, 24V for bus/truck) to V+.
  2. Connect car Battery-/GND line to GND.
  3. Connect ACC line to IGN.


  1. Please make sure your DC power source and IGN signal share the same ground.
  2. IGN input of Nuvo-5000 series accepts 8~35VDC. Supplying a voltage higher than 35VDC may damage the system.

Additional Manuals and Drivers for Nuvo-5000

Below you will find Nuvo-5000 models and their respective additional resources. Look for your model on the right side and find the additional resources.


Motherboard Manual





Motherboard Manual


Ignition Timings How-To





Motherboard Manual


Internal USB Settings



Motherboard Manual




Updated on December 13, 2022

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